Heavy Petting Zoo (HPZ)

Image of the Heavy Petting Zoo Art Car

“Home Made As Fuck… And Proud!”

Heavy Petting Zoo (HPZ) was created in 2015 by a small group of amazingly good looking, good smelling and good brained Burners. Armed with a clean conscious and a few dirty minds, the Burning Man camp formerly known as The Mustache Ranch decided that an abundance of free alcohol and free mustache rides no longer met their philanthropic ambitions.

In the Fall of 2014… with cookies, coupon books and their children’s piggy banks in hand they negotiated the purchase of the Crisco Disco Art Car. With a fully operational art car now in hand, they were ready to begin… they started by throwing everything away, but the motor and wheels! With their newly acquired mobility, there ability to spread love and happiness across the Playa would be limitless at Burning Man 2015!

Over the next few months, with the support of spouses and partners, they would transform Crisco Disco into Heavy Petting Zoo… a moving grooving fun filled colorful art car complete with sound system, lights, cuddle coral and 30 person dance platform. With bright colors, big sound and beautiful personality this ‘Home Made As Fuck” art car is hard to miss!

With an emphasis on inclusion, participation and party animal vibes, HPZ has just begun to leave it’s love bite on the Burning Man Community that inspired its creation. HPZ welcomes all species of animals and aliens… so when you see us next… jump aboard and experience the greatest Petting Zoo on Earth!

~  Heavy Petting Zoo ~
Founded By: Big K, Bubba Monkey, Colonel, Daft & Punk, Hammer Down, Harley Unicorn, Megan Eeve, Peacock, Pearl, Row Boat and Sippy Cup