Jain Dowe

Image of Jain Dowe of the Vau de Vire Society

Jain Dowe is a genderfluid dancer, burlesque artist, fire performer, choreographer, and event producer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After a lifetime of classical contemporary ballet, as a student and then a professional with several companies throughout the US, they took off the pointe shoes, tutus and tiaras and picked up a sparkly g-string, rhinestoned pasties and heels.

Today, you’ll see them dancing with the world-renowned Vau de Vire Society, clowning around as Poppers Fou in Fou Fou Ha, and performing solo as the one and only Jain Dowe. You may also see them running the show in their own productions, Anarchy in the T&A and Apothecary Raree.

They’re ballerinx gone bad, and the classiest bytch on the block. They’re your favorite unfamiliar face – Jain Dowe!