Image of MR. HE

HE is blue over you and searching for closure. The drag queen ghost under Parker Allen Stanley’s bedsheets. A multidisciplinary performance artist from Orange County, California. Currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

HE is now a bicoastal phantom with a signature “BLUEBOY” face, a sand castle heart, and a knack for all things spooky. As a singer/songwriter, actor, and producer, MR. HE focuses on creating “queer cult horror,” hoping it inspires the living to sneak out of their houses late at night with some lipstick on.

HE is a manifested apparition of the avant-garde nightlife scene in New York City and a specter who has even been SEEN internationally.

Traveling the world to haunt audiences everywhere with original performance pieces like “Down The Urinal Hole” (Dixon Place, Kansas City Fringe Festival 2017), “InterWEB” (Dusklit Art Festival), and  “La Mama TeleVision” (EmergeNYC 16) for the Hemispheric Institute of Politics and Performance at NYU.

MR.HE performs both as a solo act and alongside the Haus of FemAnon. A mysterious drag family based in Brooklyn. Together they have worked for Susanne Barstch, LadyFag, and more! The Haus has even performed as one of the closing acts for Bushwig, an International Festival of Drag.

HE’S debut single “Zombie Boy” became available on all streaming services October 2020.

HE’s pronouns are she/ her.