Trixxie Carr

Image of Trixxie Carr

trixxie carr is a subculture celebrity who plays with iconography and myth, and is one of the first drag performers to be celebrated for their unabashed femininity and shameless womanhood, beginning her illustrious career at the infamous “Tshack” at The Stud. Always pushing boundaries and defying assumptions, her politically subversive drag created a shockwave, and she continues to flaunt her individuality, refusing to conform to preconceived standards and expectations.  trixxie has performed internationally and nationally, has been on the stage of almost every venue in San Francisco from The Stud to The Warfield, and her original music can be found on and all of the many streaming platforms. A true fan of terrifying and tantalizing, trixxie attracts, bewilders, entertains, educates, and leaves one wanting more as she dances between definitions and boundaries, inspiring us to be bold in art & love.